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In my Online Portfolio, you will discover that I am much more than an Entry-Level Copywriter. By using your good ole’ eyes, you will be able to discover my true origins of creativity. Some say, my innovative and entrepreneurial spirit has guided me to achieve ‘Creative Nirvana.’ My services range from creative writing, innovative advertising methods, to strong business plans.

Start the journey with getting to know me personally in the ‘About me’ tab, and you’ll quickly realize that I can be a unique asset to your team. Fully equipped with leadership skills, hard work ethic, and creativity, I can steer your business in the right direction.

I brand myself as Jerry Rex Writing, like the T-rex that was on top of the ‘Food Pyramid’, I use my skills to be on top of the ‘Creative Writing Pyramid.’ Explore my portfolio to witness how much of a great asset I can become for you.

Contract me as your Copywriter today!