About me

Origins of creativity

The creative juices started flowing as early as the third grade where I won my very first writing contest: The Scary Story Contest. I penciled a vivid story of a young boy who transformed into a wolf on the eve of Halloween, and with enough horrifying details and horrific drama, I was able to beat my class to win the Scary Story Contest. This is just to show how my characteristic as a creative writer hasn’t changed since the third grade.

My tenacity to be the best drove me to bestow other qualities, and in high school I was able to be the President of two of the biggest organizations: The Drama Club and the Institute of Business and Entrepreneurship. I was able to develop my leadership skills carefully, always working on myself to be the best example to my peers. My hard work paid off when I was awarded ‘Actor of the year’, and I also won the ‘Best Business plan of the year’ award. Both achievements show how I can multitask and excel in any given project.

With my endless spirit of entrepreneurship intertwining with my creativity, I can develop unique copy that will improve any Business. My hard work ethic along with my ability to flourish with a team can help you reach your goals and perhaps surpass expectations.

With 8 years of face to face sales experience, you can assure yourself that I can help in every aspect of your business, and also improve every category drastically. My hobbies  include working with complex programs such as Adobe Photoshop cs5, Adobe Dreamweaver cs5, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, and 2007 Microsoft Office suite has helped me professionally complete many projects. Also, I am currently working on an Adobe Photoshop CS5 certification.

Even on my spare time I develop business plans of my own. My mind is constantly thinking of innovations to better the world, and as a result, I’ve been working on my latest kiosk invention; a Digital Media Kiosk Marketplace. Details will be revealed soon in my portfolio about the kiosk!

Like a Spartan that was bred to fight, I’m the American that was bred to creatively write!

Contract me if you would like to conquer and achieve ‘Creative Nirvana’!


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